Vail Photo Collection

Bertha Koury, Photographer and Lyndon Institute fine arts faculty member for many years, prepared these photos from negatives loaned to the Lyndon Historical Society by the members of Theodore N. Vail’s family. Some of the scenes are over 100 years old. Postcards are apart of a collection found in the Shores Museum. Many of the photos locations are now a part of Lyndon State College. (Photos scanned by Amber Faulkner Community History Project spring 2004)

1. Theodore N. Vail, AT&T’s First President
2. T.N. Vail in 1907
3. The AT&T transcontinental offering 1915
Albert B.C. Stickerey and T.N. Vail
4. Vail and his wife Emma in 1864
Vail in 1885
Vail at age 16 in 1861
5. Emma Vail Halsey and Pets in 1890
Visitor “Mr. Yost” with Pony
6. In July the annual neighborhood picnic scenes
7. First Local Fair at Lyndon 1883
8. Clockwise from left Virginia Vail
Star and Costing
Molly and Peggy. Laval
The Lyndon Children’s Fair-Later the Eastern State, Co of.
9. The approach to the house that was never changed
10. Postcard of Road to Vail’s Residence
11. Welsh Ponies and the Fist colt
T.N.V. and Cutter
The First Christmas (House Purchased in 1883)- no central heating, great open fires downstairs and coal stove in all the bedrooms, kerosene lamps.
12-14.Scenes from the Bigelow Farms
15. A new Drive is added along with additions.
16-18. Vail Home around 1888
19. The First Tower being added, often called “Vail’s Silo” by the neighbors.
20. Top Photo: Davis Vail, Mr. Vail’s son and Annie Ford.
Bottom: Vail’s Silo being built.
21. Vail’s Mansion, view from the road.
22. Postcards of the Vail Manor.
23. Panorama of Speedwell Farm (Also know as the Bigelow Farm) 1907
24. Photo Showing Green houses behind the Vail Home
25. Vail Mansion atop of Vail Hill
26. Panoramic Views of the Area
27. The fields and greenhouses
28. The first Greenhouse that was built
29. The frozen pond with ice formation due to the fountain located in the pond.
30. The mansion and animals in the winter
31. Scenes of the ice formation and interior of the mansion
32-33. Scenes of the tower, which the mansion is best, know for.
34. Vail’s horses with mansion in the background
35-37. Vail’s mansion
38. Speedwell Farms Lyndon Vermont 1907
39. The Swiss cows, the welsh ponies and the telephone wires always in the foreground
40-41. Scenes of the front yard
42. The Grape Arbor
43. The Green house
44. The inside of the green house (Type of melon or cantaloupe being grown?)
45. Out side the greenhouse
46. September 1914 Grapes and flowers
47-49. Inside the Cattle Barns
50. The Coach house where Kate Vail, daughter of Mr. Vail remembers dances on the hardwood floors.
51. Gathering the sap in the Sugar bush.
52. Mr. Vail’s elegant study
53. Mr. Vail’s Stateroom
54. The Library At Christmas time.
55. 1892-“Christmas decorations, electric lights and central heating are ours.”
56. T.N.Vail and Johnson with the collies
pigs and angora goats also pictured
57. Vail’s animals including Co-Co the bird from Argentina
58. The Swiss cattle
59. Vail’s home and him pictured with his Collie
60. 1884 T.N.Vail and his Collie
61. Johnson the Butler and the dogs 1883
62. The Staff the was to watch over the animal and the grounds
63. The T cart and the Spike team T.N. Vail driving
64. The Children riding the Horses
65. Grooming the Welsh Ponies
66. An elegant rider at the state Fair
67. A fine Vail Specimen
68. Vail’s Horses and Ponies Posing
69. Kate Vail wrote,” In 1883 Theodore Vail went to Vermont to buy a horse and he was so enthusiastic about the country that he bought a small farm house on a beautiful hill top. The family moved in on the 4th of July and it was a summer house for years. He had big barns and many acres and moved his horses and dogs up from Boston. He gradually added to the house and it became a haven for friends and family. We rode and drove and made the round of all the state fairs and always spent the Christmas holidays at Speedwell Farms. The pictures are a scant portrayal of all the various changes but the way they recall wonderful days where people. . “
70. Vail horse drawn sleighs.
71. Will Aldrich, T.N. Vail and his favorite sleigh, and the wood file.
72. 1886- Vail’s cattle and horses
73. Louise Vail and Johnson

Vail’s Travels
1. A vessel named the Doria was among the photos.
2. The Doria 1887 and Mr. and Mrs. Vail aboard the Doria
3. Mr. Vail owned a schooner named “The Speedwell” and it sailed in 1912
4. Fun aboard the Speedwell
5. Games played on the Speedwell
6. The Crew aboard the Speedwell
7. More Photos of the crew
8. 3rd Photo says “Caddy”
9. Thomas and an Early Car 1900
a. The Speedwell 1913
b. The Gadfly- Daytona January 1918
10. A trip to Nassau, Bahamas in 1911
11. Street Scenes at Nassau in 1911
12. Nassau 1911
13. Street Scene of Nassau
14. The Sponge Market in Nassau
15. A Jamaican native poses when the Speedwell cruised the islands
16. Wash day in Jamaica
17. Visit at Yellowstone Park 1910
a. T.N.Vail near old faithful and E.G. Hall pictured with T.N.Vail
18. Four in Hand, Walnut Ave, Boston 1887














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