Caity's Toy Case


· In Victorian times children didn't have as many toys to play with as we do now. They did have toys that developed more, that children play with today.


· Boys had toys such as marbles, and building blocks.


· Girls had dolls, and miniature furniture to play with.


· Both boys and girls enjoyed reading and, playing games.


· Girls learned to sew, and crochet.


· Boys had little banks to store money, and toy tops to spin.


I designed my two cases with children in mind. Personally I think people develop more open minds, if they had good imaginations as children. Toys open their minds to imaginary and fantasy lives. I think that toys have played a huge role in people lives. If you were to ask adults what they remember from their childhood they usually bring up a favorite toy. They remember it because it gave them comfort, and help develop their character. Victorians had many toys, children found objects that kept them busy and happy.