The Shores History
     James Shores, a master carpenter, built the Lyndon Center Queen Anne-style homestead in 1896. After the death of Mr. and Mrs. Shores it was home for their only child Venila.

Victorian Theme:
      The Shores Memorial Museum illustrated through its Victorian furnishings, period clothing, fine china, parlor with pump organ, and victrola, an era when life was quieter and recreation homemade.

Special Events:
   Exhibits have featured Lyndon's musical past from late 1800's to the present, the town's railroad history, educational and industrial past. Regular tours of the museum include: elementery and secondary school classes, visiting historical societies, and other participants.

The Newsletter:
The Lyndon Legacy, an illustrated four-page newsletter brings members up to date on the society's local and statewide activies, profiles unique historical figures and prints humorous excerpts from old time Lyndon newspapers.

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